Who can work in this heat?

I'm just sitting here with all the blinds drawn, trying to get my work done. Damn it's hot in San Francisco today.  It is hanging around 95 degrees and we don't have air conditioning.  I really want that cool breeze of autumn to kick in. I guess there is not to be expected for the next few days. So I must... go...on (Ok maybe I'm being a bit dramatic?) but I have too much work to to be feeling gross and sticky. This week I plan to finish those sketches for my mini book so I can start working on the final pieces and get the book laid out and finished.

I also am starting a new project for Glob Natural Paints.  I'm creating coloring pages which will downloadable on their site and then gathered all together and turned into a coloring book to sell online.  It is gonna be a fun project to work on. It will be something that I will try to keep pretty simple and humorous. It will be an an interesting research project on how to create books that are inexpensive to make and green. I've never made a coloring book before so it should be good opportunity to learn something new. I better get back to it.

Here is my homage to a second summer:

It is so hot out there...The photo has melted...via bibliothequede toulouse
I'm not sure how cool she is but I like her style...via george eastman house
Gimme a sunhat and I'm right there with you... via nationaal archief
Hope you are all out there enjoying the first week of autumn.