Tintypes & Daguerrotypes make me cry.

I suppose I am just in that kinda weird mood today. And getting inspired by everything around me. I am listening to Hildegard von Bingen on Pandora and looking for Victorian dresses(as part of the mini book) on the web and feeling nostalgic for some reason. I've just put in a bid on ebay for a beautiful daguerreotype of a young girl. It is set in a its original case and is beautiful. Let's hope I get it.

While looking all of these old photos on Ebay I began revisiting my own tiny collection. It was pretty interesting to scan these in.  I like the strangeness and beauty in all of them. They aren't perfect examples, that is why I chose these particular people.  A lot of the details had been lost because of age. Now I can see even more bits and pieces. And so can you. Here is my mini collection:
I love this photo because the girl is a bit strange looking.

I love these little kids with attitudes.

Ok, not a tintype but a beautiful old photograph anyway...

Love the pint cheeks and plaid

This one is super dark and tiny, found at the flea market outside Paris.
What kind of old things do you collect?

P.S. If you are into Hildegard there is a new film out about her. Here is the preview.  It looks amazing and it opens today!

Update: I won the item on ebay...I'll post it when I get it!