Some Thoughts on Creativity

First off, a little update on the mini-book.  I'm still working on the sketches for the book but I am happy with the results so far. I am a huge perfectionist. It is one of those problems which I am really trying to fight and learn from at the same time. It is enough to drive ya crazy.

Saying that, I'll post whatever sketches I have in the next few days.  Then it will be pushed to the next stage,  painting of the final drawings, and then onto the conquering the layout of the book.

In my quest for more understanding my creative self, I've been reading the wonderful book, "The Creative Habit", by Twyla Tharp and have gained a whole new view of the creative process. The book is written through eyes of a  successful choreographer who has worked with some of the most amazing dancers and musicians on the planet. It is written for anyone who wants to improve their creative process.  She writes about how to gathering ideas and having strong "spines"(or backbones) behind your creations. Basically she shows you how turn your spark of creativity into full blown artistic amazingness.

Here is an excerpt from The Creative Habit from 43 Folders.

One of the things I am learning is, as an illustrator, this reminds me to truly think through all my ideas. I need to ask,  "Who...What..When and Why" whenever I begin a new drawing.  Having these questions figured out (and doing my homework) is the difference between a good illustration and a great one.

As for creating confidence in my work, (something I really, really need to do) I need to remind myself to practice my skills constantly...daily. I really liked this bit from the book, from Chapter 9, on Skill:
Confidence is a trait that has to be earned honestly and refreshed constantly; you have to work as hard to protect your skills as you did to develop them. This means vigilant practice and excellent practice habits. You've heard the phrase "Practice makes perfect"? Not true. Perfect practice makes perfect. The on e thing that creative souls around the world have in common is that they all have to practice to maintain their skills. Art is a vast democracy of habit.
So basically work, work, work till you get it and then work, work, work so you don't lose it.

Here is another person's look at creativity and on creative success.  I'm sure you all know Elizabeth Gilbert the author of "Eat, Pray, Love".  Here she is speaking about the role of creativity in  a semi-recent TED talk.

I really love the her take on the genius and the muse...