I had a blast yesterday helping out the San Francisco Center for the Book with their annual Roadworks fair. I was part of the dirty hands team which meant I was in inking Linoleum Cuts all day. Each print was made by rolling a steamroller over it. There was three big prints(3 by 3 foot) and many little ones.  I am still covered in black ink, but no matter, it was a really fun day. I can't wait till next year.

One of the featured Artists, Rick Olson

Where dirty begins

Scraping ink

Large Print by Gary Brewer and many small linoleum cuts from various artists
This is how we do it baby...
Here are some of the small prints...

There were some amazing art booths there too. Here are a few of my faves....
Lovely letterpress by Sarah Dungan
yummy cards by Laurie Coughlin

Wonderful Letterpress, Screenprinting, Illustration & Bookbinding by Jen Lorang
Wonderful prints by Maureen Shields

p.s. I checked out SF Indie Mart before I went to Roadworks here are some of my favorites pics.