Back to School?

We'll, maybe not for me this year (I wish) but the kiddo's in San Francisco went back on Monday.  Going back to school was always awesome in my book.  It reminds me of the excitement I would feel the first day of class. I loved seeing all my friends and all the changes they went through that summer.  Do you remember showing off all your new school clothes and hoping you got it right this year? Do you remember the dusty smell of old books versus new notepads and pencils?  Oh yes, and do you remember the secret happiness of so many learning possibilities (yes, I am a geek and I'm not afraid to admit it)?

I came across these wonderful pictures of the innocence and stark reality at the Library of Congress site on Flickr, and I thought I'd share them.  Step into the time machine...

It is pretty cool/scary to see what changes have happened to this map since 1940.
Many kids squished into a tiny classroom.

Could you imagine if they still did this in schools? Get your shots kid, no crying.

"Buy War Bonds" and no books on the shelf...Damned Depression.
I'm thinking this must me a one room school house...could you imagine?

All of these pictures were taken by John Vachon in a small town in St. Augustine County, Texas in 1940. Pretty amazing,..Don't you agree?