July Meetup

Wow...June flew bye in a heartbeat. I'm still trying to figure out my new life as a freelance illustrator. I will admit it has been kinda hard trying to figure out schedules and work/life balance. I'm creating whole new world for myself.  So you ask, what did I actually do this month? Well, I have 7 projects about 90% done. They are all done in oil, so right now I am literally waiting for the paint to dry to finish them. But hey, I haven't done this much painting and drawing in years so I will be pretty happy when they are all finished. 

I've been trying to learn more about business right now...bank accounts and tax stuff. There is so much to know....Yikes. And I have been getting better at learning all the Flickr, Facebook and Twitter stuff (also brand new to Pinterest). This social media thing is pretty interesting but I have to be really careful not to get stuck in the time suck.

All in all, I am feeling pretty good about myself(even if I don't have much to show today). I'm in the learning mode and I am working. 

So...July Goals
  1. Draw and Paint daily.
  2. Finish up the paintings I'm working on.
  3. Try writing a story to illustrate.
  4. Twitter Background.
  5. Blog Header.
  6. Create more for portfolio and website.
  7. Start to Design website.
  8. Daily walk/mediation.
  9. Enjoy the sunshine, get out take lot's of pictures.
One other thing, I have been happy taking a few classes in June but they are ending soon, does anyone have any recommendations for online creative classes?

Here's reaching our July Goals!

About the Meetup: The Meetup is a group of creative  folks that encourage each other each month, set goals and try to finish them. If you want to learn more or join us, click here.  It has been very helpful to me, thank you Liz for getting this going for us all.