Ok, so I am a bit embarrassed to admit this but,  I have always had a huge problem with procrastination.  I think I am finally starting to break through this crappy part of my personality. To help with this, I've been reading, "The Now Habit" by Neil Fiore, and it has been super helpful. It has helped me rethink my approach to "work".  Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm getting pretty excited when I can cross things off my to-do list.  It feels so good.

I found this little guy outside tending to the lavender in the backyard. It is so cool watch how fast they fly around and get shit done. I'm working on that. So... finally as of this week  bluehour studio is an official legal business. All the paperwork is done. YAY!!!!! (I'm doing a happy dance now)

Little steps...can be kinda big. Don't you think?