another wonderful weekend in the woods

I grew up on the East Coast where being in nature was very different than it is in California. My family has a little cottage on a pond in Massachusetts and we were able to go swimming whenever we wanted. I really miss that freedom.

This weekend I went camping at Henry Coe State Park with a few friends and I finally felt a bit of that freedom. We camped deep in the park and hiked down to a spot called china hole which was like a mini oasis after walking in the 100 degree heat. Such a beautiful place that I'd love to go again.

Here are a few of the moments:

the picnic table by our tent. Isn't this the best place for writing?

China clean and clear

so pretty

a place to cool off.

 jumping in.

more pretty...with butterflies

 walk back to camp in all that heat and sun

Now it is time for me to get back to work after a few days of sunshine. I'll be posting what I have been working on in a few days.