Time Traveling with Eugene Atget

As you all know, I am a huge fan of vintage photography. I fell upon these lovelies in the George Eastman galleries on Flickr. Imagine yourself walking down these streets. They are so beautiful. The photographer, Eugene Atget  captures Paris brilliantly. I want to visit each and every shop and buy everything there and walk around to all the restaurants smell all the food cooking around me. The sights and grittiness of these pictures have me yearning for this world. It love the pealing paint and all the amazing detail on even the smallest of things.

I also love the silence in the photographs. There is no movement or people, just quiet. It makes me want to take a bunch of Sepia photos like this around my fair city. Maybe that will be my task for next week. Have a happy weekend in your city, everyone.

 Avenue de l'Observatoie (1926)

Boulevard de Strasbourg (1912)

Cour de Rouen - passage du Commerce (1908)

Bon Marche (1926-1927)

Au Griffon - 39 quai de l’Horloge (1902-1903)

Boulevard de Strasbourg (1926)
(Are those chastity belts on the top row?)

Boutique Jouets (1919-1911)

Au Port Salut - Cabaret Rue des Fosses St. Jacques (1903)

Marchand de vin rue Boyer (1910-1911)

Pretty incredible, don't you agree?