another month almost gone...

Summer is officially here, Yay! There are so many things to do around San Francisco and the Bay Area my head is spinning just thinking about the possibilities. This weekend, I plan on going kayaking this Saturday to Elkhorn Slough with my honey, and enjoying the craziness of SF Pride throughout the weekend. That means I need to get a whole lot done in the next few days before July arrives and the next monthly Meetup happens. Hopefully you will see a few changes around here and I can relax a little bit and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

I just need to channel my inner kitty like Pierre here, and learn to relax, breathe and get stuff done. Although, I do not believe Pierre is into doing much. But he sure seems relaxed.

 A quick question about relaxing. I've been reading so many(sorta boring) business books lately I would love  to find something to take me away for a bit. What has everybody been reading? Anything that has just blown you away? Tell me about it.