May meetup

Hi Everybody,
I'm trying something new here. I've joined a group of creative folk who meet up and work on business goals together. We challenge ourselves to new goals each month and try to get them accomplished. I have a lot to do to get bluehour studio rockin' so I am working on the things that are already in place and starting to work on my long term goals in the process.

Here are my goals for May:

  • Create a new banner for my blog. Mine is very boring and should show an obvious illustration on it.
  • Create a background for Twitter. This makes a BIG difference to each person's page, it makes an instant impression and I wanna make a really good one.
  • Business Cards...I have been holding off on this forever for some reason and need them NOW. Anybody have a really good place to get them?
  • Resume, stationary, envelopes...Almost done, need to get printed.
  • Find health insurance...I have one month left before I quit my job. Anyone California folks out there with health insurance they like?
  • A painting or drawing a week to get that portfolio filled. 
  • Get my website started by learning Adobe Dreamweaver on
  • Stop Procrastinating! Do this one and get the rest  of the list done.
Note to all the MeetUp people: Nice to meet you all and welcome to my blog and my life...
How's that for the month for challenges? I'm pretty excited about working on getting all of this done this month. I'm happy to look at you work and get all that needed inspiration. Thanks, Everybody!

Did I miss anything?