Nighttime Meditations

Winter in the Bay Area can be so dark and gloomy.  I sometimes miss the east coast where I grew up and the brightness of the snow. Even as a adult, I would get excited to see the freshness of the newly fallen snow. It is so beautiful. I will quickly admit though, that I do not miss the cold.
    Here in San Francisco it is just rain, rain and more rain.  I need to force myself to go out and be inspired by what is around me regardless of the wet. It is gorgeous out there if you know where to look.  I just need to train myself to see, bring the camera and enjoy the sound of the rain.  Here are a few pics I took in on a walk down Market Street and my own back yard.
BTW, I am excited to be visiting the snow next month...I'll be spending my anniversary doing a little skiing in Tahoe. I haven't been skiing in about 20 years, I'm a bit nervous. But I am sure there will be pretty pictures to be had all around.