Humm...This got me thinking.

The next few months are gonna be crazy. I'm gonna try to make the big leap. It's time to start taking all of this illustration/design more seriously. My goal to figure out how to dedicate more time and energy to my work. Which means either get a new job (in this economy, yes it's crazy) that I actually get to grow and learn and use my skills or get a cool part time gig which I can use my off time do more work.

It is all kinda scary, I have a nice yet not so inspiring day job that I have been in for too long. But it keeps me stable with money and insurance for me and my hubby. So it's hard to just give that up.
But, ya know, I'm not getting any younger...

Yesterday a museum visitor said to me, "You are so sharp, why are you at a job like this?" Indeed, I wanted to slap said visitor, but he was right.

Now how do I make this happen? Hopefully by at least January I'll have amazing news and I will have landed somewhere soft and lovely after my leap.

After reading illustrator, Penelope Dullaghan's blog,, yesterday she told a story of when she quit her job 5 years ago. On her fateful day, she gave her boss a note saying, "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for." And she quit her job and is the kickass illustrator she is now.

I don't know, the quote just got me...