Edgar Allan Poe and the Black Cat
Emily Bronte and her Wuthering Heights
The Adventures of Mark Twain
Mary Shelley and her Monster
Lewis Carroll and the Cheshire Cat's Smile
Emily Dickinson and the Geranium Blues
Charles Dickens in Blue
Jane Austen and Her Lost Heart
The Importance of Being Oscar
The Sad Eyes of Virginia Woolf
Much Ado About Shakespeare
Stein is a Stein is a Stein is a Stein
A Moonlit Tale of Grimm
Bram Stoker and the Vampire's Kiss
The Metamorphosis of Kafka
Notes from Dostoyevsky
The Age of Wharton
The Call of the Lovecraft
This Side of Fitzgerald
Soleil et Rimbaud
 A Good Flannery is Hard to Find
Leaves of Walt
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